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Garrett GT2860RS (aka GT28RS) Ball Bearing Turbo

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Dual Ball Bearing GT28RS turbo is great for small displacement engines up to 2.2L and has the ultimate spool up time compared to other units. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 350HP. This turbo would be comparable to the HKS GT2530.

-Wheel: 53.85mm w/ 76 trim
-Housing: .64 or .86 ar

-Wheel: 60mm w/ 62 trim
-Housing: .60 ar

Applicable Garrett Part Numbers:

  • 739548-5001SåÊ
  • 739548-5005SåÊ
  • 739548-5009SåÊ
  • 739548-5010SåÊ
  • 739548-5014SåÊ
  • 739548-0001åÊ
  • 739548-0005åÊ
  • 739548-0009åÊ
  • 739548-0010åÊ
  • 739548-0014åÊ
  • 739548-1åÊ
  • 739548-5åÊ
  • 739548-9åÊ
  • 739548-10åÊ
  • 739548-14åÊ

Part numbers are given for reference only, if you desire a specific Garrett part number please message us to confirm availability prior to purchase.