SCT preloaded tunes for 2016 Ford Focus RS

SCT Performance has built a reputation for constantly providing high quality preloaded tunes on all of the flash programmers. These devices allow customers to improve the factory ECU calibration in order to get the most horsepower and torque possible out of their ride. 

When the 2016 Ford Focus RS was released, we knew it wouldn't be long before SCT started supporting the platform. Initially SCT sent out press releases to their dealers that custom tuning was support and that preloaded files would be coming soon. When SCT finally released their preloaded tunes for the vehicle we were blown away by the increase in horsepower and torque this simple plug and play device was able to achieve.

2016 Ford Focus RS Dyno Chart with SCT X4 Preloaded Tunes:

SCT X4 7015 2016 Ford Focus RS Dyno Chart

With the tuning the X4 offers, Focus RS customers see peak gains of +30HP +40TQ and max gains of +65HP @6200 rpm +46 TQ @3500 rpm. 

This is a significant improvement and recommends this product to anyone who has a new Focus RS in their driveway. We believe this is one of the first modifications you should make and know that you will feel the same way once you test it out for yourself. 

The SCT X4 7015 Flash Tuner supports the 2016 Focus RS with both the preloaded files and custom tuning. If you ever outgrow the preloaded files you will be able to load custom tunes to the device from any of the many SCT tuners located worldwide.

The SCT X4 (P/N 7015) flash programmer supports the Focus RS and many other vehicles. We always have them in-stock and ship units daily. Buy one today and we will upgrade the already Free Shipping to Free OVERNIGHT Shipping to the USA.