TiAL Wastegate Springs


Size / Color

Part Number



SM YELLOW 002192 Small Yellow 1.875 In
SM RED 002191 Small Red 1.875 In
SM ORANGE 002190 Small Orange 1.875 In
SM GREEN 002189 Small Green 1.875 In
SM BLUE 002188 Small Blue 1.875 In
LG YELLOW 001841 Large Yellow 2.36 In
LG RED 001840 Large Red 2.36 In
LG GREEN 001839 Large Green 2.36 In
LG BLUE 001838 Large Blue 2.36 In


TiAL Wastegate Springs allow you to change the base pressure for your wastegate. If you are using a boost controller, you want to pick a spring pressure for the lowest boost pressure you want to use because you will not be able to run any less.

If you would like some help determining what spring you need please contact us and we would be glad to help.

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