TiAL MV-R Wastegate

TiAL MV-R WastegateSince we opened our doors in 2008, has focused on supplying its customers with the highest quality parts imaginable. We knew from the beginning how important it was to buy quality products when modifying your vehicle and we knew that TiAL Sport made some of the best wastegates and blow off valves available. 

Prior to the MV-R, TiAL had an excellent wastegate called the V44. For many years it was the wastegate you bought if you needed a 44mm v-band wastegate. We sold very many of these and had huge success running them on our own vehicles. When TiAL announced they were redesigning this model we knew it would be a winner.

Since its release, the TiAL MV-R wastegate has quickly become the most sought wastegate for serious racers everywhere. Designed and manufactured at TiAL's company headquarters in Owosso, Michigan, the TiAL MV-R wastegate is truly a work of art. With the new design, TiAL Sport added a water cooling option to the wastegate and was able to shrink the overall size significantly from the V44 of the past.

This wastegate features the same flange design of the V44, which allows a direct replacement for anyone who has a turbo kit designed for the previous model.

The MV-R comes standard in five different colors (Silver, Black, Blue, Red and Purple) and includes every spring available for a wide range of pressure options right out of the box.